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Modern Visitors Management System

Revolutionize Your Visitor Experience with Our Touchless Visitor Management System.

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The Visitors’ Cloud system is a robust and user-friendly platform designed to streamline the entire visitor management lifecycle, from pre-registration to check-out. It aims to digitize and optimize the entire visitor management workflow, from registration to check-out. It is a centralized cloud-based platform that enables efficient visitor data collection, visitor tracking, operational efficiency, and data security.

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    Keeping Your Complex Work Environment Safe, Secure and Compliant

    Visitorscloud was created to alleviate workplace compliance and security concerns. Our all-in-one solution consolidates all of your visitors’ compliance, safety, and security requirements into a single, automated experience.

    Modular Integrations

    Access control systems, web cameras, business card readers, turnstile gates, MS Exchange/Outlook, Active Directory, Single Sign-On, and other well-known workplace tools

    Simple to Customize

    Impression customization, visitor workflows, configurable multi-level approvals, visitor badges and passes, custom notifications, visitor agreements, disclaimers, and NDAs, etc.

    Increased Safety

    Centrally managed cloud-based solution for enhanced data security also available in on-premise & rental models, real-time visitor data, aligns with HSE & GDPR compliance

    Robotized and Bother free

    Visitorscloud framework mechanizes the whole guest lifecycle across your office like a master!

    We have simplified your entire visitor management process, from appointment request and pre-registration to visitor self-sign-in and custom badge/pass printing to notifying hosts of visitor arrivals and sign-out.

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    Simple & Yet Sophisticated

    Visitorscloud presents to you the most intelligent guest management framework that is exceptionally configurable and intended to suit your custom work processes and endeavor needs.

    • Requests for appointments and pre-registration for groups and individuals
    • Capture of visitor photos and signatures tracking of items carried in and out and returnable
    • Printing of custom badge passes with facility visitor regulations and disclaimers
    • Time-bound and location-specific access validity management through integration of Barcode
    • QR Code
    • NFC and RFID
    • Monthly Subscription ₦‎88,999.00
    • Quarterly Subscription  ₦335,999.00
    • Annually  Subscription ₦‎959,999.000
    • Monthly Subscription ₦176,999.00
    • Quarterly Subscription ₦699,999.00
    • Annually Subscription ₦‎1,899,999.00
    • Monthly Subscription ₦‎264,999.00
    • Quarterly Subscription ₦1,059,999.00
    • Annually Subscription ₦‎3,059,999.00


    How does Visitorscloud visitor management system work?

    Visitorscloud Modern Visitor Management system is designed and developed for offices and educational institutions. Visitors can scan the QR code placed at the entry using their own mobile device and fill up the form. An instant notification will be sent to the host mobile and they can complete check in.

    How much does a visitor management system cost?

    Visitorscloud MVMS pricing plans are designed to meet the requirements of small to large enterprises. Check pricing page to choose a plan that fits your requirements.

    What are the benefits of visitor management system?

    Your visitor could be a customer, candidate, or other stakeholders of your organization. By implementing Visitorscloud Modernvisitor management the long queue or wating time at the lobby can be eliminated, man power dependency and any communication delay between the host and the guest can be avoided. Modern Visitor Management System assures greater safety, compliance, confidentiality to visitor data and eliminate risk related to infections or health. More over our modern visitor management solution can deliver a delighting visitor experience.

    How do I choose a visitor management system?

    Does it meet requirements and help solve the business problem? Is the User experience easy, smooth and customizable? Is the pricing plans reasonable and affordable? Are the existings customers happy about it? What type of reviews does the system receive? Whether the service is cloud based or on-premise implemented? How can I manage the administrator settings and control? Is it scalable for multiple locations and sites and capable to handle load? What type of reporting and analytics features are avialable? Does it support integration

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