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Comprehensive & Meaningful features for Enterprise Implementations

Why Choose Visitorscloud?

The modern Visitorscloud management system streamlines security, provides an enjoyable user experience, and manages visitor logs quickly.

Quick Registrations

Pre-enrollment and endorsements for gatherings and people, email/SMS welcomes with QR codes/Standardized identifications

ID Scanning

Integration of Smartcards/e-Passports, NFC, and business card scanning for quick registrations

Custom Badge Printing

Print adaptable guest identifications with disclaimers/door pass with Barcoded QR Code/Vehicle section pass

Instant Notifications

SMS, email, push/application warnings, have notices, and crisis cautions keeps has/administrators in-a state of harmony

Alerts & Watchlists

Boycott confirmation with facial acknowledgment, robotized danger cautions, visits exceed/expand alarms

Custom Workflows

Guest explicit sign-in, staggered endorsement work process, time-bound and guest explicit access necessities


With site-specific language and compliance settings, manage multiple entry points across multiple locations.


Multi-lingual help for simple and natural guest registration encounters across the entirety of your business areas

Emergency Evacuation

Send the on-site visitors list to security personnel, activate mass evacuation alerts for visitors, and notify hosts.

Actionable Insights

Constant area explicit dashboards and investigation, guest input, and so on.


Capture of digital signatures for visitor NDAs and disclaimers, legal documents, and health and safety regulations